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My name is Nika Chaloux and welcome to Serene Feetness. I established this business in line with my core values: health, tranquility and inner strength. I am delighted to share my practice with you to help improve your every day.

SE|RENE /səˈrēn/


adjective: serene; comparative adjective: serener; superlative adjective: serenest; adjective: Serene

  1.  calm, peaceful, and untroubled; tranquil.

FEET|NESS /ˈfitnəs/


noun: fitness

  1. the condition of being physically fit and healthy.

  2. 4 pillars of fitness based on strength, endurance, balance, and flexibility

SE|RENE FEET|NESS;  Mobile Reflexology

In a location of your choice, together in a serene manner, we journey to reach the nervous system’s “neutral state/homeostasis” through the touch of the feet’s pressure points. This is a calming, relaxing and soothing type of treatment.

My Story

Quebec-born, I  moved to Ontario in 1997 as a flight attendant based out of Pearson.  I have since then had careers in investment and sales before moving into health and safety.  I have volunteered as a first responder with the Canadian Ski Patrol for 10 years and now I volunteer with the Compass Outreach Centre. 

I originally stumbled upon reflexology unplanned! In a reflexology appointment of my own, my reflexologist said, "Your feet are with you and carry you all your life; when is the last time you treated or honoured them?” This moment of reflection changed my life! 

I thought to myself, wow, most of us invest into our health one way or in another; gym, physical sports, workouts, workout clothes, diverse retreats, healthy food etc., but when do we truly allow our own nervous system to naturally hit “PAUSE” through a soothing treatment on our feet? 

Fast forward to now, I am here ready to allow you the same soothing experience that changed my life. Together we can allow your nervous system to neutralize during our time together.

Try the experience for yourself or offer the gift to those your care about. Your body will thank you for it and you will have a new experience to talk about!



Have questions? Let's chat!


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